Group Dance Lessons in Calgary

Group Social Dancing in a class

Perfect for couples or singles!

Learn how to dance with your partner or alongside others with the same interests, thanks to our group social dance classes!

If you’ve been wanting to take dance lessons with your significant other or by yourself, look no further than our group classes for adults. You’ll learn basic social dances alongside like-minded people. You’ll learn some new dances to show off at your next party or social gathering and you’ll make some new friends at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

Learn social dances that will make you the hit of the party!

Whether you already know how to dance and are looking to enhance your current skills or are afraid of looking silly on the dance floor due to your lack of ability, we have classes for you! Many of our partner dance classes are divided up by type of dance and your level of experience with them, so you can start out at the most basic level and work your way up, or take a class in a dance you’ve done before. The choice is yours!

What types of dances will you learn in our group classes?

Our group classes, some offered at different levels, include:

**For those who would like extra attention, private lessons are also available.


Are you ready to learn some new moves and make some new friends? Contact Unleashed Dance Company today!

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